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Zhuji Hechuang Motor Technology Co., Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise that combines production, learning and research, and attaches importance to technological innovation and technical specialization. The company has jurisdiction over Zhuji and Chuang Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. The leading products of the company are: winding type permanent magnet coupling governor, electric permanent magnet governor, torque limiting magnetic coupling, rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, vertical axis wind turbine, permanent magnet lifting gear, magnetic coupling , magnetic knife holder, magnetic positioner, permanent magnet suction cup, etc., the products are sold to Zhejiang, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, East and other provinces.
The company is located in the hometown of Xishi, Zhuji, Zhejiang. It is only 3KM away from the exit of Hangjinyu Expressway Zhuji. The transportation is convenient and the scenery is beautiful. You are always welcome to visit us.

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Top Five AdvantagesMINGRU JIAYING FOUR ADVANTAGES Zhuji and Chuang


Vertical axisNo iron coreWind turbines
Small startup torque

Especially suitable for alpine, coastal, grassland, pasture, beach, desert Gobi, large farm irrigation and other national power grid can not reach the local power supply.
Has been recognized by many countries and regions in the world, products have been exported to Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia.

Electric Permanent MagnetMachineryGovernor
Also known as winding permanent magnet coupling governor

At present, the rare energy-saving transmission products at home and abroad. It is a composite of permanent magnet and electromagnetism, and it is the start-up of industrial speed control.
Speed regulation does not need to change the air gap size or coupling area, cancel the speed regulation mechanism, it does not use water cold/oil cold, simple structure, high reliability.


For mining purposesRectangle LimitedMagnetic coupler
Through the safety certification of mine products in standard state

Permanent Magnet flexible transmission products replace large frequency converters and traditional mechanical transmission, to achieve efficient transmission, energy saving and emission reduction, low-carbon environmental protection. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, mining, power generation and other industries.
COBX-55/1500, COBX-90/1500, COBX-150/1500 three series of mining limited-moment magnetic coupler through the standard National Mining product safety certification.

Rare earthPermanent magnetSynchronous motor
High efficiency and high power factor

And Chuang Motor Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R & amp; D and production of rare earth permanent magnet motor technology-based enterprises.
The company relies on well-known domestic institutions and scientific research units, with strong self-R & amp; d design and production capacity, is the national high-tech enterprises, provincial Enterprise Technology Center.


Functional materials with a wide range of applications

Magnetic materials and information, automation, national defense, national economy closely related, device and other magnetic application products in the field of new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection in-depth development has been recognized by the whole society.
Zhuji and Chuang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of permanent magnet jack, magnetic knife holder, magnetic rubber parts, magnetic suction cups, magnetic fixers, motor magnetic components and other magnetic applications are exported to Europe, America, Asia and the Pacific and other countries and regions.

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