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Zhuji Hechuang Motor Technology Co., Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise that combines production, learning and research, and attaches importance to technological innovation and technical specialization. The company has jurisdiction over Zhuji and Chuang Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. The company's leading products are: vertical axis wind turbine, permanent magnet synchronous motor , permanent magnet governor, permanent magnet governor , permanent magnet coupling and its series of products.

The rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor and iron coreless disk generator independently developed by the company have passed the CQC certification, and all of them have reached the energy efficiency level above the second level. With the self-developed control system, the comprehensive energy saving can reach about 20%. The above products were respectively included in the “Zhejiang 2014 Energy Conservation Product Promotion Catalogue” by the Provincial Economic and Information Committee; at present, the rare earth permanent magnet motor is applying for inclusion in the “Energy Saving Products Huimin Project”; among them, the iron-free disc generator is the provincial technology. The Office and the Economic and Trade Commission have been awarded the title of “Made in Zhejiang Province”.

Permanent magnet flexible transmission products such as permanent magnet governor, permanent magnet speed control clutch and permanent magnet coupling replace large inverters and traditional mechanical transmissions, achieving high efficiency transmission, energy saving and emission reduction, and low carbon environmental protection. Widely used in large pumps, fans and transmissions in petroleum, chemical, mining, power generation and other industries. COBX-55/1500, COBX-90/1500, COBX-150/1500 three series of mining limit magnetic couplings have passed the safety certification of Anhui National Mine Products and listed in the National Mine Product Safety Mark List. And the above three series of products have explosion-proof certification. The 800KW-1600KW magnetoelectric governor (also known as winding type speed-adjusting coupler) produced by the company not only has energy-saving governor, coupling protection function, but also has waste heat power generation function. This series of products belong to the current domestic and foreign products. one.

Relying on well-known domestic universities and research institutes, the company has strong R&D design and production capacity. It is a national high-tech enterprise with provincial R&D center. The company has permanent magnet drive and permanent magnet motor laboratory.

The company regards “developing energy-saving and environmental protection industry, adding value to customers and benefiting mankind” as its own vision; “honest and trustworthy, teamwork, technological innovation, people-oriented” as our core values; “customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholders” "Satisfaction" as our business philosophy; "Building a R&D and design team specializing in permanent magnet motors and magnetic drives, establishing a permanent magnet motor and magnetic drive as the leading product, and a production-oriented enterprise with the concept of energy saving and environmental protection" as our duty of.

The company is located in the hometown of Xishi, Zhuji, Zhejiang. It is only 3KM away from the exit of Hangjinyu Expressway Zhuji. The transportation is convenient and the scenery is beautiful. You are always welcome to visit us.