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Standard Magnetic Coupler

Standard Magnetic Coupler

Standard Magnetic Coupler

Working principle: Standard TypeMagnetic couplerGenerally composed of two parts, permanent magnet rotor and conductor rotor, permanent magnet rotor and conductor rotor have a fixed air gap, when the active machine drives the conductor rotor rotation, relative to the permanent magnet installed at the starting end of the cutting magnetic line of the circular movement, so that the active end of the conductor rotor to produce vortex current induction magnetic field, and the permanent magnet magnetic field interaction Thus, the contactless torque transfer between the active end and the driven end is realized.


1. Buffer start and brake, can achieve the soft start of the motor.

2. Has overload protection function.

3. Flexible connection, smooth transmission, effective elimination of system vibration.

4. Extend the service life of each component in the transmission system.

5. No precise pairs are required, allowing for large deviations and simplifying the installation and commissioning process.

6. Simple structure, low total cost, can be easily modified to the original system.

7. Easy to maintain and install, low cost.

8. Can run stably for a long time, long service life.