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Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic Knife Holder

Without imagination, our lives will become immutable and dull. Our magnetic system breaks through the imagination and suspensions everything you need in the air, amazing! It's not just the kitchen knife, the spatula, it could be a group of kitchen cabinets, desk lamps ...

Zhuji and Chuang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a production, learning, research combined, focus on technological innovation and technology specialization of science and technology enterprises. Enterprise leading products are: Permanent magnet synchronous motor, permanent magnet governor, vertical axis wind turbine, and all kinds of magnetic application products. "The development of energy-saving and environmental protection industry, to add value to customers, for the benefit of mankind" is the company's vision.

With the improvement of people's living standards, kitchen home is also constantly improving and upgrading. And create science and technology timely research, R & amp; D and production of a new type of kitchen magnetic knife holder, abandoned the shortcomings of various types of knife holders in the past, so that the kitchen more refreshing, clean, to avoid the tool clutter crisis, overcome the small kitchen, goods placed messy, to eliminate the miscellaneous brand knife is easy to rust, easy to breed bacteria

Farewell to the messy, we choose the wall hanging magnetic knife holder.

First, the selection of materials:

1,Magnetic LocatorThe exterior body of the knife holder is SUS 304 stainless steel. (304 stainless steel due to super corrosion resistance, non-rust characteristics are widely used in medical facilities and instrumentation; as people's lives improve, SUS304 stainless steel is also widely used in home life)

2, built-in magnetic plate (easy to collect all kinds of family kitchen knife, practical and beautiful, strong breathability. )

Ii. Advantages and characteristics

1, strong magnetic force, please do not worry about the lifting of goods;

2, a selection of 304 stainless steel raw materials, healthy materials, wear-resistant and durable, do not rust

3, strong 3M adhesive, nail-free wall, easy to install, strong adhesion

4, can be adapted to all kinds of tiles, glass, cement and other types of wall

5, simple and generous shape, smooth lines, showing a good texture.

Maintain kitchen knives for durability.

Third, the development trend with the development of society, the progress of human civilization, magnetic application products as low-carbon clean and environmental protection, and beneficial to human body health products, will continue to be a new face dissolved in human production and life.