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Magnetic Welding Fixer

Magnetic Welding Fixer

Simply put, magnetism is the role of magnetism in an uneven magnetic field. In the same uneven magnetic field, the magnetic strength of the material is determined by the magnetic direction and intensity of the material of the unit mass. Because any substance is magnetic, any substance will be subjected to magnetism in an uneven magnetic field.

What really exists in the space around the magnetic pole is not a magnetic line, but a field, which we call a magnetic field. The mutual attraction of magnetic matter is carried out by magnetic field. We know that there is gravitation between matter, and it is a gravitational field. The magnetic field, similar to this, is a field full of space around the magnetic pole. The strength of the magnetic field can be expressed by the number of imaginary magnetic lines, where the magnetic field is dense and the magnetic field is weak in the place where the magnetic line is sparse. The number of magnetic lines passing through the unit section is called magnetic flux density.

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Moving charged particles in the magnetic field are subjected to a force called Lorentz (Lorentz). The intensity of magnetic field is determined by the size of the Lorentz magnetism subjected to the same charged particles in different magnetic fields. Tesla is the international unit of flux density. The flux density is the basic physical quantity that describes the magnetic field, and the magnetic field strength is the auxiliary quantity that describes the magnetic field. Tesla (Tesla,n) (1886~1943) is a Croatian American electrical engineer who has invented Transformers and AC motors.


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