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Magnetic suction Strips

Magnetic suction Strips

1. Anti-Magnetic

When the magnetization strength M is negative, the solid behaves as anti-magnetic. Metals such as Bi, Cu, Ag and Au have this property. In the external magnetic field, the magnetic induction strength inside this magnetized medium is smaller than the magnetic induction strength m. in the vacuum. The magnetic moment of an atom (ion) that is resistant to magnetic matter should be zero,Magnetic couplerThat is, there is no permanent magnetic moment. When the anti-magnetic material is placed in the external magnetic field, the external magnetic field changes the electron orbit, which senses a magnetic moment opposite the direction of the external magnetic field, which is characterized by anti-magnetism. So the resistance to magnetism comes from changes in the state of electron orbits in atoms. The anti-magnetism of anti-magnetic substances is generally very weak, the magnetization rate H is generally about -10^-5, is negative.

2. Smooth Magnetic

The main characteristic of paramagnetic material is that there is a permanent magnetic moment inside the atom, regardless of whether the applied magnetic field exists. But in the absence of an additional magnetic field, because the atoms of the paramagnetic material do irregular thermal vibration, the macroscopic view, there is no magnetism, under the action of the applied magnetic field, each atomic magnetic moment is more regular orientation, the material shows a very weak magnetism. The magnetization strength is consistent with the external magnetic field direction,

Is positive and is strictly proportional to the external magnetic field H.

In addition to being related to H, the magnetism of paramagnetic matter also depends on temperature. The magnetization H is inversely proportional to the absolute temperature T.

In the formula, C is called the Curie constant, depending on the magnetization strength and magnetic moment size of the paramagnetic material.