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Comparison of advantages of permanent magnet governor
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

       Permanent Magnet GovernorThe Speed regulation range is 0-98%; The inverter cannot operate at low speed. The permanent magnet Governor structure is simple and reliable, the main part is mechanical structure, no external power supply is required, the inverter structure is complex, is pure electrical equipment. The permanent magnet governor separates the motor from the load, has no mechanical connection, isolates the vibration, and the inverter does not have this function. The permanent magnet governor is easy to install, tolerates a large error in the middle, and takes up less space, and the inverter needs a large installation space and high environmental requirements. Permanent magnet Governor can adapt to all kinds of harsh environment, including power grid voltage fluctuation, harmonic serious, flammable and explosive, damp, dust and other places; the inverter cannot be used in the above environment. The permanent magnet Governor can prolong the service life of the main components (bearings, seals, etc.) of the transmission system and reduce the maintenance cost. The inverter does not have this function. Permanent magnet Governor Green Environmental protection, no harmonics, no pollutants, no EMI (electromagnetic wave) interference problems, frequency converter manufacturing harmonics, pollution of the power grid. Permanent magnet governor has a long service life of up to 30 years, the life of the inverter is about 8 years, and with the increase of service life, the failure rate increases year by year. Permanent magnet Governor Maintenance workload is very small, low operating costs, frequency converter operation and maintenance costs, accessories expensive, maintenance is difficult.

Comparison of products

Under the same power conditions, cylindrical products are lighter than disc products, small in size, small in inertia and higher in efficiency. The magnetic direction of cylindrical products is radial, so it is allowed to have a large axial movement, and the magnetic direction of the disc structure is axial, so the axial movement requirements are very strict; This feature is important for high-power high-voltage motors.

Folding air-cooled and cold type

Air-cooled products use wind flow automatic heat dissipation cooling; water-cooled products need to be cooled by external water sources, the source must be clean water sources, usually for power plant boilers with desalination. There is also a need for circulatory systems (water tank, pump), cooling system (heat exchanger), external water cooling system (pump) control system, feedback system and so on. Air-cooled, water-cooled permanent magnet governor has no operating costs and low maintenance costs.

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