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Advantages of Permanent magnet hoist
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

1. Permanent Magnet Lifting DeviceUsing computer to simulate magnetic circuit design, the magnetic field distribution is reasonable and the magnetic depth of transmittance is large.

2. The permanent magnet Crane iron remover is simpler than the electromagnetic iron remover, does not need excitation power supply, does not need the cooling system.

3. Permanent magnet Jack saves power and energy, and has low failure rate.

4. Permanent magnet Lifting device operation is simple, safe and reliable operation.

5. The technical indicators of the permanent magnet hoist are in accordance with the JB/T8711-1998 standard.


The permanent magnet crane consists of a high performance NdFeB permanent magnetic material to form a strong magnetic system, through the rotation of the handle, change the magnetic force of the strong magnetic system to achieve the absorption and release of the workpiece. The upper part of the Jack has a hoop for lifting the object, and there is a V-shaped groove for suction to hold the corresponding cylindrical object. Permanent magnet crane using high-performance permanent magnet materials are: Rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB as a magnetic source, with non-power consumption, strong suction, low residual magnetism, light operation, long life, safe and reliable characteristics, advanced product structure, in accordance with export standards to organize production, quality performance reached the international advanced level of similar products. Widely used in the machinery industry, mold manufacturing, warehouses and transportation and other departments to carry steel plates, ingots and other conductive magnetic objects.

How it works

The working principle of the permanent magnet jack is made by using Faraday's electromagnetic induction principle. The internal use of high-performance permanent magnetic materials neodymium borax, can produce a strong suction in the magnetic circuit, through the handle flip to change the magnetic line to make the jack in a working or closed state; no external power supply, is a safe and energy-saving, and high efficiency of the new lifting tools.

When the crane is in working condition, the suction surface at the bottom of the crane constitutes a pair of longitudinal magnetic poles, the workpiece of the iron material is firmly sucked, the bottom surface also has a V-shaped groove, so it can not only suck the crane block workpiece, but also suck the hanging cylindrical workpiece. Therefore, the lifting device on the thickness and area of the plate have strict requirements.

Repair and Maintenance

1, permanent magnet jack in the hoisting mobile use process, should try to avoid contact surface collision knockout, so as not to affect the performance and life of the use. When idle, the bottom surface is best oiled protection, when the time to wipe clean.

2, please read the instruction manual before use, clear use of performance before you can use. If there is any uncertainty, please contact the manufacturer to find out about the accident.

3, should always check the flexibility of each component, to maintain the flexibility of use.