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Features of permanent magnet synchronous motor
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

What is commonly saidPermanent Magnet Synchronous motorIs a sine wave permanent magnet synchronous motor, like the general synchronous motor, sine wave PMSM stator winding usually uses three relative sinusoidal distribution windings, or the rotor uses a special shape of the permanent magnet to ensure that the air gap magnetic density is sinusoidal distribution along the space. Thus, when the motor constant speed operation, the stator three-phase winding induction of the potential is sine wave, sine wave permanent magnet synchronous motor hence the name.

Sine Wave PMSM is a typical mechatronic motor. It not only includes the motor itself, but also involves position sensors, power electronic converters and drive circuits.

The built-in permanent magnet synchronous motor sensorless vector control system, by combining the sliding mode observer with the high frequency voltage signal injection method, runs smoothly under the IPMSM closed-loop vector control mode without position sensor, and can obtain more accurate rotor position observation information at low speed and high speed operation.

Features of permanent magnet motor:

1. High efficiency and energy saving: because the permanent magnet motor rotor reaches the synchronous speed, that is, no copper consumption and no iron consumption. Due to the reduction of stator current, the corresponding stator copper consumption is also significantly reduced, a variety of loss reduction, greatly improve the efficiency of the motor, so as to achieve obvious power-saving effect, generally can save electricity;

2. High power factor: Permanent magnet motor does not have the excitation, by the rotor to provide energy, power is greatly reduced, power factor can be close to 1;

3. The starting torque is large, the starting current is small: The starting torque can reach 3.0-4 times times, with a high starting quality factor;

4. Has a wide range of economic operation: the load runs between the 25-100%, all have a high efficiency, can achieve more than 90% efficiency. Because the load rate varies greatly in one cycle of pumping unit, the permanent magnet motor can meet its working characteristics and achieve the goal of energy saving.

5. Synchronous constant speed: asynchronous motor machine When there is a deviation, and permanent magnet motor does not have a difference, the speed is constant, such as the same 6-stage motor, asynchronous motor speed 960r/min, while the speed of the synchronous motor 1000r/min.

6. Power frequency start, direct connection can be run, no need to add other starting equipment, save costs;