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Advantages and application of rare earth Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26


1,Rare Earth Permanent magnet synchronous motorNo current excitation, no brushes and shoulder rings, so the structure is simple, easy to use, high reliability.

2, due to the characteristics of the above structure, so that the rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor rotor without excitation loss, no brush and sliding ring between the friction loss and contact power loss. Therefore, the efficiency of rare earth Permanent magnet synchronous motor is higher than that of electromagnetic synchronous motor, and its power factor can be designed around 1.0.

3, Rare earth Permanent magnet synchronous motor rotor structure is diverse, flexible structure, and different rotor structure often brings its own performance characteristics, so rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor can be used according to the need to choose different rotor structure form.

4, Rare earth Permanent magnet synchronous motor in a certain power range, can be more than the electromagnetic synchronous motor has a smaller volume and weight.


AC Permanent magnet Synchronous motor because of its small size, light weight, high efficiency and energy saving and a series of advantages, more and more people pay attention to, its control technology is becoming more and more mature, the controller has been product. The variable frequency speed regulation of asynchronous motor with small and medium power is gradually replaced by the speed regulation system of Permanent magnet synchronous motor. Elevator drive is a typical example. Elevator drive system to the motor acceleration, speed stabilization, braking, positioning have certain requirements. Early people adopt DC motor Speed regulation system, its shortcomings are self-evident.

70 generation frequency conversion technology developed mature, asynchronous motor frequency conversion speed drive quickly replaced the elevator industry in the DC Speed regulation system. And in the past few years the elevator industry in the latest drive technology is the permanent magnet synchronous motor speed regulation system, its small size, energy saving, good control performance, and easy to make low-speed direct drive, eliminate gear deceleration device, its low noise, flat precision and comfort are superior to the previous drive system, suitable for use in the elevator without machine room. Permanent magnet Synchronous motor drive system will soon be favored by the major elevator companies, with its supporting special inverter products have a variety of brands listed. It can be predicted that in the speed drive of the occasion, will be the permanent magnet synchronous motor in the world.