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Permanent magnet Governor Little Knowledge
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

Permanent Magnet Speed Regulation (permanent magnet transmission) is a revolution in the history of transmission, its simple structure, reliable operation, energy saving and consumption reduction characteristics are well used in modern industry, its main application in petroleum, petrochemical, electric power, mining, steel, chemical, cement and other industries motor drag system Energy saving.

The regulator adjusts the relative position of the cylindrical permanent magnet rotor and the cylindrical conductor rotor in the axis direction, in order to change the effective part of the coupling between the permanent magnet rotor and the conductor rotor, which can change the torque transmitted between the two, realize the repeatable, adjustable and controllable output torque and rotational speed, and realize the purpose of speed regulation and energy saving.

  Permanent Magnet GovernorMainly composed of three components: permanent magnet rotor, conductor rotor, speed regulation mechanism

Technical features

Smooth stepless speed regulation, speed Regulation range 0-98%, to achieve high efficiency and energy saving, power saving rate of 10-50%

Simple, reliable, mechanical construction, no external power supply required

Flexible start-up, reduce motor impact current, extend equipment service life

Isolated vibration, no mechanical connection

Easy to install and tolerate large in-pair errors

Can adapt to a variety of harsh environments, including power grid voltage fluctuations, harmonic serious, flammable and explosive, humid, dust and other places

Extend the service life of the main components of the transmission system (bearings, seals, etc.) and reduce maintenance costs

Green environmental protection, no harmonics, no contaminants, no EMI (electromagnetic wave) interference problems

Long service life of up to 30 years

Investment efficiency is high, investment recovery is fast.

Reduces vibration noise

1. When the motor is connected with the load equipment, the shaft is different from the heart or has a certain angle error;

2. The vibration of the reducer and the operation of the belt machine;

3. Resonance of the natural frequencies of mechanical equipment, etc.

In addition to the permanent magnet governor, other speed regulation or adjustment devices, such as CST, inverter, etc., because do not change the connection between the motor and the load equipment, so the installation process must ensure the concentric degree of its shaft, this error will directly affect the vibration of the motor system.

Permanent magnet Governor because of the use of air gap transfer torque, there is no rigid connection between the motor and the load equipment, and in the mechanical impact process has through the slip to achieve cushioning, thus greatly reducing vibration and noise.