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Working principle and advantages of winding permanent magnet coupling governor
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

Winding permanent magnet Coupling governorAt present, in many engineering equipment has been widely used, the following we work together to solve the winding type of permanent magnet coupling governor working principle and advantages. The induction EMF is generated in the speed difference between the permanent magnet external rotor and the inner rotor of the winding, and the following functions can be realized by the Operation control Unit:

1. Winding connection to form A current loop, the current in the winding generated by the electromagnetic field and the original permanent magnetic field interaction transfer torque

Joint): Winding disconnect, no current in the winding does not transmit torque (clutch away), this clutch has no mechanical action, no friction loss

2. Control the current size in the winding, that is, control the transmission torque size, that is, to achieve speed regulation and soft start function

3. The transfer power generated in the winding can lead to feedback back to the power supply end. In order to achieve energy-saving effect, and to ensure that the winding temperature rise

Always at the normal operating temperature of the motor. For short time soft speed regulation or small power transmission, the user does not save electricity, can be elicited

The transfer power is consumed to the resistance of the control cabinet.


Technical features of winding permanent magnet coupling governor

Clutch function without mechanical action and non-contact friction and wear;

Heavy load soft start function: The starting torque up to 220% of the input torque;

Non-contact magnetic drive, effective isolation of vibration and noise;

Non-contact connection, easy to install, low in demand

Comprehensive power-saving performance is the highest, more than 5% higher than the inverter;

Small impact on harmonic pollution in power grid small self-interference

No need for inverter motor, to reduce the cost of procurement for users

High reliability, high productivity and low maintenance costs

The speed regulation range is wide, with the slip Difference speed regulation, the slip difference protection;

Simple structure, small size, explosion-proof structure of low environmental requirements

Low requirements for the working environment, the product itself without pollution around. Thus, the group permanent magnet coupling governor is the best energy-saving speed regulation technology at present. Especially suitable for fan pump speed regulation and energy saving

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