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Rare Earth Permanent magnet synchronous motor is the first choice for automobile manufacturing
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

Automotive motors are undoubtedly an important part of the automotive manufacturing process, so why not adoptRare Earth Permanent magnet synchronous motor, But the use of asynchronous motor, rare earth Permanent magnet motor professional manufacturer to explain to you:

1, energy-saving, high-power rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor compared to asynchronous motor, there is a maximum advantage.

There is no permanent magnet on the rotor of asynchronous induction motor, no commutator and brush, and it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture and good reliability. However, asynchronous induction motor because of unilateral excitation, the production of unit torque requires more current, so energy consumption is greater, in general, permanent magnet synchronous motor than asynchronous motor energy saving more than 20%. Energy savings are significant for new and hybrid vehicles, which also means that cars with synchronous motors increase their mileage by more than 20% compared to those using asynchronous motors without increasing battery pack capacity, and the fuel consumption of hybrid vehicles can be effectively reduced.

Another major drawback of asynchronous induction motors in automotive applications is the power factor lag, which has a reactive excitation current in the stator, which is therefore low (especially in the constant torque zone), which in turn restricts the performance of the car. Energy-saving, small volume, lightweight and other disadvantages, so that asynchronous induction motor is widely used in the field of industrial dragging, and in the automotive drive is rarely used.

2, Rare earth Permanent magnet synchronous motor small size, asynchronous motor is difficult to achieve.

Because the torque density of asynchronous induction motor is lower than that of permanent magnet synchronous motor, it is difficult to realize small volume and lightweight. For new energy sources, especially hybrid vehicles, small volume and lightweight are essential.

Lightweight further realizes the energy saving of the automobile, thereby reducing the energy consumption and prolonging the mileage. Small volume is critical for hybrid vehicles because it has a fuel-driven system in addition to the drive motor system, which greatly increases the difficulty of its automotive circuit design through the General Assembly.

For the above reasons, the rare earth Permanent magnet synchronous motor is mainly used in other new energy and hybrid vehicle markets. In the 1 quarter, global sales of new energy hybrid vehicles reached 2.8, 326,000, 4,800 vehicles sold over the same period, rare earth Permanent magnet synchronous motor is the mainstream choice of automakers.