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The difference between permanent magnet governor and high voltage inverter
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

First of all, from the point of view of how it works,Permanent Magnet GovernorIs to complete the torque transmission from the motor to the load through the air gap between the copper conductor and the permanent magnet. The technology is completed in the drive (motor) and driven (load) side without mechanical connection. Its working principle is to use one end of the rare metal oxide NdFeB permanent magnet and the other end of the induction magnetic field interaction to produce torque, only through the conditioning of the permanent magnet and conductor between the air gap can control the transmission torque, complete the load speed conditioning. The high voltage inverter is an electric power control installation which transforms the power supply to another frequency by using the disconnect action of the Power semiconductor device. High Voltage inverter mainly uses the intersection-straight-intersection mode (VVVF frequency conversion or vector control frequency conversion), first the power frequency AC supply through the rectifier into a DC power supply, and then the DC power supply into a frequency, voltage can be controlled AC power supply, so as to change the speed of the motor.

The second is the impact on other equipment in the system, because the permanent magnet governor is mainly mechanical speed regulation installation, simply independent of the power, so will not produce harmonics, will not have an impact on other equipment in the system. When the power quality is very poor, such as voltage shaking, power harmonics, flashes, drops, short-term continuous, lightning strikes, surges and so on, these elements are often fatal to electronic or electrical speed Regulation installation, but will not have any effect on the permanent magnet governor. And in the application process of high voltage inverter, it is very easy to form equipment misoperation, the formation of power factor compensation capacitor burning, fuse fuse, air or circuit breaker switch tripping. That is because the high voltage inverter in the intersection-straight-intersection circuit is mainly composed of electronic devices, so that in the process of operation will produce a large number of high-order harmonics, power harmonics are serious pollution of the power grid, a large number of harmonic current voltage, may form the heat loss of electrical components.

At the same time, the two in the operation and maintenance process, the permanent magnet governor also has an absolute advantage over the high-voltage inverter, that is, because the permanent magnet governor is pure machinery equipment, and no complex electronic equipment, only after simple training, the staff can quickly affirm the cause of the problem, and fast self-treatment of the problem, do not ask the professional company The main cause of the motor system is vibration, vibration will lead to bearings, oil seals, such as accelerated wear, as well as the base, pipe joints, fasteners, such as loose or broken or broken, vibration will also produce intense noise. Thus, the permanent magnet governor is a complete use of air gap transmission torque, there is no rigid connection between the motor and the load equipment, and in the mechanical impact process has a slip to complete the buffer, greatly reduce vibration and noise, as well as maintain the workload of Summer Palace.

Of course, the most important thing is that we also want to think from the perspective of economic safety, because the permanent magnet governor does not need auxiliary cables, cover special houses and add air conditioning, so the total initial investment is at the same level as the high-voltage inverter, but also because of its main part of the mechanical components, the use of safe and secure, less maintenance, Uniform trouble-free time is much greater than the high-voltage inverter, the use of long life, the same permanent magnet governor's service life is equivalent to the total life of 4-6 high-voltage inverter, so do not need a large number of expensive spare parts, can reduce a large amount of maintenance costs. And the high-voltage inverter in the initial investment, not only to buy the host, but also to ponder the laying of cables, cover special houses and add air conditioning and other costs, so the initial investment is higher than the permanent magnet governor, in the later use, the demand for regular dust removal and other special maintenance, because the high-voltage inverter is composed of a large number Severe delay in consumption, the formation of loss of wealth, in order to cope with the high high-voltage inverter problem, the operation of the need to prepare the corresponding spare parts, the use of the cost is too high.