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What are the advantages of vertical axial wind turbines over horizontal shaft generators?
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

As a kind of clean renewable energy generation method, wind turbine is a kind of power source which can not be ignored in the future. Common wind turbines have horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical axis wind turbines two kinds of power generation methods, although the current use or horizontal axis wind turbines dominated, is due to historical theoretical errors produced, wrong to thinkVertical Axis Wind TurbineThe efficiency of power generation is much lower than that caused by horizontal axis, and in recent years, with the progress of theory, the verification of actual wind field, and the development of the trend of large-scale fan, the advantages of vertical axis fan are becoming more and more obvious. What are the specific advantages, Zhuji and Chuang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. for you to give a detailed introduction:

No noise: The wind wheel can generate electricity at more than 10 rpm, and about 200 revolutions reach the rated speed, so there is no noise. The noise of other forms of fan is often unbearable.

Wind speed is widely available: it can be used from 1~28 m/s wind speed range.

High safety: Because of the low speed, its operation on birds and so on is not easy to cause harm. And because it does not need oil lubrication, so there will be no oil leakage occurred, will not pollute the grassland or wetland nature reserve.

Strong wind Resistance: can resist 50 m/s Super typhoon for a short time. Far more than the horizontal axis against strong wind capacity.

Small operating radius: This can save land when the wind farm is built.

Generator output characteristic curve full and strong: In the wind speed 5~9 m/s range, the output power is higher than other similar generators 15~25%.

Easy to maintain: this is one of the most important features of vertical axial wind power equipment over horizontal axial wind power equipment. Because of the vertical axis gale electrical equipment Some supporting facilities, can be placed on the ground, maintenance is very easy, relative to the horizontal axis wind power equipment inconvenient maintenance and high maintenance costs, vertical axis wind power appears to have a unique advantage. Exemption from worries.

No need for wind devices: Any wind blowing, can make the impeller run quickly.

The brakes are simple.