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Application fields of magnetic transmission couplings
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

      Magnetic drive COUPLINGSOne of the successful applications is its combination with the pump-magnetic pump. Previously, it was chosen as a valuable special product when it was forced, and now it has a wide field of application. Most of the liquids in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, film, electroplating, nuclear power and other industries are corrosive, flammable, explosive, toxic and valuable, leakage brings waste of working liquids and environmental pollution, vacuum, semiconductor industry to prevent the intrusion of external gases, food, biology, medicine to ensure the purity and hygiene of the media. Magnetic drive couplings have found a useful field in these areas, and it can be said that magnetic pumps are a major market for magnetic materials.

The magnetic drive coupling, especially the permanent magnet coupling, is applied to the valve, the stem does not pass through the valve cover, omitting the filler letter, named as a fully enclosed non-filler permanent magnet transmission valve. The valve can operate safely and reliably for a long time because there is no filler letter, there is no friction moment between the stem and the filler, the rotation is labor-saving, and the negative pressure operation has no external gas entry. Cut-off valve, gate valve, ball valve, disc valve and other industrial valves can be transformed into a complete closed valve. Reaction Kettle is a kind of mixed reaction equipment widely used in chemical plant, the agitation of liquid is often carried out under pressure, the reactant has a certain temperature and corrosive, volatile, therefore, the seal of the rotating shaft has become an important problem of the reaction kettle. Reaction equipment with agitator application of magnetic transmission, in addition to the realization of absolute sealing, it is possible to avoid the oxidation and condensation of the media.

The invention and development of magnetic transmission coupling is closely related to the continuous appearance of new permanent magnet materials. The first use of ferrite materials, its material source is wide, cheap, but because of its poor magnetic performance, in the same volume as the traditional coupling, can only transmit less torque, thus limiting the development of magnetic couplings. The second generation of permanent magnet material is samarium cobalt (SmCo5,Sm2Col7) and aluminum nickel cobalt (AlNiCo), its magnetic properties are greatly increased than ferrite materials, so that the made magnetic coupling can transmit larger torque. However, samarium cobalt and aluminum nickel cobalt used in the use of samarium, cobalt, nickel reserves are scarce, belongs to the scarce and expensive strategic goods, so the price is very high, thus restricting the development of magnetic transmission couplings. Rare earth NdFeB (NdFeB) Permanent magnet material, its maximum magnetic energy product (BH) Max reached 286 6kJ/m, became the third generation of permanent magnet material after samarium cobalt and aluminum nickel cobalt. NdFeB (NdFeB) not only more excellent magnetic performance, but also rich in raw material resources, he can cheap iron (Fe) cobalt, to Rich neodymium (Nd) generation samarium, so its price is lower than samarium cobalt and aluminum nickel cobalt, the market competitiveness is strong, easy to promote the application. At the same time, NdFeB has a high magnetic energy, less need, good processing performance, can be cut and drilled, high yield, so it can reduce the volume of magnetic transmission couplings, reduce costs, improve efficiency, save energy, has been widely used in magnetic transmission couplings.