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Related introduction of permanent magnet lifting device
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

Main applications

Permanent Magnet Suction cup (also known as permanent magnet suction hoist,Permanent Magnet Lifting Device) Is divided into manual permanent magnet jack and automatic permanent magnet jack Two kinds, the use of contemporary high-performance Nd-fe-B magnetic materials NdFeB, so that its smaller size, lighter weight, stronger suction force, unique magnetic circuit design, residual magnetism almost zero. The safety factor is high and the maximum pull-off force is 2.8-4 times times the rated gravity. Manual permanent magnet jack handle switch with safety button, can be operated by one hand, convenient and safe. Lifting bottom Surface "V" type groove design. Automatic permanent magnet Jack does not need manpower to pull the handle, rely on the electric crane under the hook of the lifting control adsorption, can lift the corresponding round steel, steel plate, no electricity, safe use, widely used in steel lifting and handling, flat mechanical parts and a variety of mold installation and handling. Suitable for shipbuilding, construction machinery, automobiles and other industries at room temperature steel plate lifting, handling and other work lifting tools. Mainly used in the hoisting process and the hoisting workpiece connection, (such as: and ring chain electric hoist, wire rope electric hoist and other supporting) for moving iron plate, block and cylindrical magnetic conductive materials work. Easy to operate, safe and reliable, compact and lightweight results. Widely used in factories, docks, warehouses, transportation industry. Improve the working conditions of handling and handling operations and improve labor efficiency.


1, small structure, compact shape, easy to operate

2, high-performance permanent magnetic materials, non-demagnetization

3. No need for power or other power support at work

4, advanced scientific magnetic circuit balance design, strong suction force, residual magnetism almost zero, safe and reliable

5, the maximum pull-off force is rated Gravity 3.5 times times, high safety factor

Scope of application

Permanent Magnet suction cup is suitable for handling steel plate, iron block and cylindrical iron material. Such as mechanical parts, punch molds and various types of steel materials. This permanent magnet Jack is a kind of power-free lifting equipment. Permanent magnet crane structure advanced, in accordance with export standards to organize production, quality performance reached the international advanced level of similar products. Permanent magnet hoist is widely used in machinery industry, mold manufacturing industry, warehouse and transportation and other departments to carry steel plates, ingots and other conductive magnetic objects.