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Introduction of vertical Axis Wind turbine
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

Vertical Axis Wind TurbineThere is no need for wind when the wind changes, and at this point it is a great advantage over the horizontal axis wind turbine, which not only simplifies the structural design, but also reduces the gyro force of the wind wheel against the wind.

Although wind turbines are diverse, they can be summed up into two categories: the ① horizontal axis wind turbine, the rotating shaft of the wind wheel parallel to the wind direction, and the ② vertical axis wind turbine, the rotating shaft of the wind wheel perpendicular to the ground or the direction of the airflow.

There are several types of vertical axis wind turbines that use resistance rotation, including wind wheels made of plates and cups, which is a pure resistance device; S-type windmill, with partial lift, but mainly resistance device. These devices have a large starting torque, but a low tip speed ratio, in the wind wheel size, weight and cost of a certain situation, the provision of low power output.

The Darieu-style wind wheel was invented by the French G.J.M Darieu in the 1830s. In the 1970s, the National Academy of Sciences of Canada conducted extensive research and was a major competitor to horizontal axis wind turbines. The Darieu type wind wheel is a lift device, the profile of the curved blade is airfoil, its starting torque is low, but the tip speed ratio can be very high, for a given wind wheel weight and cost, there is a higher power output. There are many kinds of Darieu wind turbines in the world, such as Phi type, Delta type, Y type and H type. These wind wheels can be designed into single blades, double blades, three blades or multiple blades.

Other forms of vertical axis wind turbines have the martensite effect wind wheel, which consists of a spin cylinder, and when it works in the airflow, the resulting shift is caused by the martensite effect, which is proportional to the wind speed. Some vertical axial wind wheels use pipes or whirlpool generator towers, through casing or diffuser to make horizontal airflow into vertical airflow, in order to increase speed, I also use solar energy or combustion of a certain fuel, is the horizontal airflow into a vertical airflow.

Wind power industry

Wind power in emerging markets is growing rapidly, and in the context of national policy support and tight energy supply, China's wind power, especially wind power equipment manufacturing industry has also risen rapidly, has become the world's most active place for wind power. In 2006, 9% of Global wind power money was invested in China, totalling 1.62 billion euros (about 16.27 billion yuan). In the 2007, China's wind power installed capacity has ranked fifth in the world. By 2010, China's wind power installed capacity has reached 42287MW, jumping to the top of the world. [1]

China's huge wind power market and cheap labor costs have attracted a large number of foreign wind power giants to set up factories in China, or to take joint ventures with domestic companies, the production of products have been labeled as made in China. Wind power equipment products made in China account for a growing market share, and fan products are undergoing a shift from global manufacturing to manufacturing in China.