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Selection and attention problems of magnetic coupler
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

1)Magnetic couplerIs part of the standardized production of products, in the selection of couplings at the beginning, you can understand the national standards, machinery industry standards and access to state patents in the coupling products are in line with the needs of the type of use. Couplings can not find the appropriate type, then contact the manufacturer to design their own coupling products.

2) The torque of the magnetic coupler should meet the requirements of the transmission system power machine, according to the power and speed of the power machine and the working machine, the reasonable torque value of the coupling can be calculated, in order to select the coupling power model.

3) After the magnetic coupler primary should be based on the active shaft and the axial diameter of the moving shaft, shaft hole length to determine the size of the coupling, adjust the specifications of the coupling. Coupling model adjustment Also consider whether the coupling between the active shaft and the driven shaft between the speed is consistent, the shaft diameter is the same.

4) Magnetic coupler selection, and finally to consider all aspects of the factors, to ensure that the coupling size, torque, shaft diameter, shaft holes are compatible with the motor, reducer, and can adapt to the corresponding working environment. After the selection of the coupling model, the shaft key strength should be checked and checked, and finally determine the model of the coupling.

5) According to the load characteristics driven by the equipment and the soft start characteristics of the magnetic coupler, the selection of the magnetic coupler should be prudent. Such as hoist load, limestone conveyor belt machine, clinker zipper machine and other heavy-duty equipment, especially the design department in order to reduce installed capacity, drive equipment selection when the power surplus is small, often encountered after the failure of parking can not carry the normal start of the situation, and in this case, magnetic coupler selection when the use of torque-limiting magnetic coupler, And the choice of power to a large gear.

6) The use of frequency conversion speed regulation equipment, as far as possible do not use magnetic coupler, which is due to the frequency conversion equipment low-frequency mechanical characteristics are softer, coupled with the magnetic coupler flexible start characteristics, easy to produce motor plugging, resulting in fault downtime equipment can not start again.