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On the environmental adaptability of permanent magnet governor
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

(1) Outdoor harsh environment

The main components of the permanent magnet governor are copper plate and permanent magnet disk, permanent magnet material can maintain strong magnetic field characteristics at harsh ambient temperature, the ultimate ambient temperature on the earth will not exceed ±100℃, permanent magnet governor can work at this ambient temperature.

And some electronic equipment, such as inverter, in order to reduce the failure rate of equipment, must ensure constant temperature and humidity in a certain range, so the need to use special rooms, anti-static, installation of precision air conditioning, etc., increase installation costs, increase power consumption, increase maintenance requirements and costs.

(2) Dirty environment

Permanent magnet Governor is no direct mechanical connection of the speed Regulation device, the minimum air gap of 3mm, generally can fly in the air dust particle diameter will not be greater than this size, so, it can be used in the air dust high environment, such as cement plants, mines, etc., when the dust thickness causes mechanical friction, can be rinsed with high-pressure water gun. Electronic or electrical speed regulating devices must work in a clean environment, so the environmental protection requirements for the machine room environment are very high.

(3) Flammable and explosive environment

Permanent magnet governor is a mechanical, non-friction transmission torque speed regulation device, in addition to the actuator use of weaker power needs to adopt explosion-proof structure, the main power part will never produce sparks or static electricity, so it is safer to use in flammable and explosive environment. Suitable for coal mine, oilfield, oil tanker, armory, chemical industry, mine, high concentration dust plant and other use of belt machine, crusher, water pump, fan, blower, oil pump and other equipment. Electronic or electrical equipment, working process easy to produce static electricity, sparks and even combustion, can not be used in flammable and explosive environment, otherwise bring safety risks.

(4) High reliability requirements environment

BecausePermanent Magnet GovernorSmall number of components, high reliability, so can be used for high reliability requirements of the environment, such as fire, ocean-going ships, naval ships, submarines and so on. Complex electronic or electrical installations are not suitable for use environments that require high reliability. The U.S. Navy uses permanent magnet couplers on tankers, submarines and carriers.