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Precautions in practical application of magnetic coupler
Edit:Zhuji Electric Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-26

1)Magnetic couplerThe motor is supported to rotate in any direction. Whether the new enterprise first debugging equipment, or the use of hydraulic coupler and other coupling transformation, in order to avoid damage to the equipment, the first point of the test machine to move the motor, to confirm that its steering is correct, the equipment can be tested. Under normal circumstances, the low-voltage motor in the cold state is allowed to start 2 times, each interval must not be less than 5 min, the case of hot state allowed to start 1 times; high-voltage motor in the hot state allowed to start 1 times, the time interval must not be less than 240 min, in cold conditions allowed to start 2 times, each interval must Min

2) The use of magnetic coupler, to give due consideration to its ambient temperature can not be too high, this is because the magnetic coupler is the use of eddy current induction principle. Under normal circumstances, the loss generated by Eddy current is released from the conductive magnet in the form of heat, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the permanent magnet working environment. Therefore, the production site of the magnetic coupler shield, to be well ventilated, to avoid heat accumulation.

3) The use of magnetic coupler, to ensure that the host equipment all kinds of chain signal safe and reliable, such as lifting the tail wheel speed signal and drive motor between the chain protection, the equipment and the upper process equipment between the chain jump and so on protection. After the magnetic coupler overload protection, the installation of the magnetic coupler of the host equipment will stop operation, if the superior process equipment can not chain jump, will cause hoist pressure, feeding slip plugging materials and so on.

4) If the load end due to overload or equipment failure caused by the stop, and hoist and other equipment tail wheel speed detection happens to be damaged, this situation of the motor will be normal operation, Eddy current generated power will be all or most of the guide magnet work, resulting in a sharp rise in the working temperature of the permanent magnet, when the temperature rises beyond the allowable temperature Magnetic properties will decrease as this temperature increases, and when the temperature rises to the critical point of permanent magnet failure, the magnetic coupler will "lose magnetism" and stop working. Therefore, in the production, one is to try to avoid equipment overload, and the other is to install a speed detection protection device at the head and tail wheel of the equipment to prevent the occurrence of damage to the equipment incident.

5) from another point of view, in order to avoid the magnetic coupler "magnetic loss" phenomenon, from the design of the equipment should be considered to increase the wind guide blades or wind holes, in addition, in the magnetic coupler overload protection, its two parts open gap can be designed more, so that the conductive body cutting magnetic line will be greatly reduced, Its heat will be relatively reduced a lot. In this way, even if the speed detection protection is not in place, it will not damage the equipment to affect the normal production.


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