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Twisting machine

Twisting machine

The wire machine is mainly composed of power part, twisting unit and transmission part.

(1) The power part mainly includes electric motor, electrical control box, indicator and Operation panel.

(2) The structure of the twisting unit mainly includes the spindle braking device, the spindle part of the twisting machine, the yarn coiling device, and the special device of the twisting unit.

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The shape, structure and function of the main machine parts:

① Spindle braking device: mainly includes spindle transmission belt and pulley, strap spindle brake pedal.

② and Wire machine spindle part: Mainly includes can be stored yarn and guide ingot disk, ingot tank, yarn tension device, yarn reducer, air ring cover, separator, guide hook and broken yarn shutdown hook and so on.

③ yarn Winding Device: Tilt roller, super feeding roller, yarn storage device, transverse guide yarn hook, cylinder, lifting cylinder frame and tube tray.

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