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Spinning machine Motor

Spinning machine Motor

Yarn machine, in the spinning process, semi-products roving or strips are stretched, added, wound into a spinning tube yarn spinning machine, the bar in the roving computer drawing and filling into a roving, combing machine will be the fiber combing into combed strips, comb will be the bar together, needle stretching to improve the structure of the strip, roving in the ring spinning machine further added to the spinning yarn, The spinning machine is the main machine of spinning. The yield and quality of yarn are a comprehensive reflection of the advantages and disadvantages of each process of spinning process.

Permanent Magnet GovernorManufacturers tell you that the yarn machine is by the wire ring rotation to twist the yarn, one end of the yarn is held by the front roller, the other end by the wire ring driven around its own axis rotation. The wire ring rotates for one week, so that the front roller clamp to a piece of yarn on the wire ring to obtain twisting back; the yarn below the wire ring rotates only around the center line of the spindle, not around its own axis, without twisting.

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