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Type C Permanent Magnet jack

Type C Permanent Magnet jack

  Permanent Magnet Lifting DeviceComposed of strong magnetic NdFeB magnetic materials, this system describes the strong magnetism, through the rotation of the handle, control the magnetic circuit switch. It has the characteristics of no electricity, small size, light weight, large suction force, convenient operation, safe use and constant magnetism. NdFeB magnetic materials produce a strong magnetic circuit, by rotating the handle to control the magnetic switch. Permanent magnet Jack is a new concept of products to lift steel plates, tubes, beams and cylindrical ferromagnetic materials. Switches are controlled by Rotary handles, which are used to lift and transport steel materials and are used in factories, docks, warehouses, transportation and so on. According to the different requirements of customers, we can design and produce a number of series of cranes.

Features: 1. Lifting range can reach 100㎏-6000㎏.

2.3.5 times times the safety factor. 3. Automatically locked safety buckles to prevent accidental occurrence. 4. No electricity requirements. 5. NdFeB permanent magnetic materials have the advantages of high density and strong magnetism. 6. Multi-function, multiple use.

Operation: 1. Clean the surface of the cargo and place the jack in the center of the cargo to ensure that the entire electrode magnetic pole is in contact with the cargo. Ensure that the weight of the goods does not exceed the rated value of the crane. 2. Pull up the handle and rotate to the "on" position, and then release the handle. The safety key on the handle will be automatically locked. 3. Place the goods on the ground or in a place where they can be supported. Before release, make sure the cargo is securely supported and the whole place is well placed. 4. The pull handle rotates completely to the "off" position. Now that the jack is in the neutralization State, the goods can be taken away.

Maintenance: 1. Please check often the wear-prone parts, such as positioning pins, handles and rings. If the wear is greater than 10%, please replace them. 2. Place the handle in the "off" position when it is not working. 3. Keep the electrode surface clean. After use to prevent rust on the electrode surface oiled. 4. Make sure the storage environment is dry and do not place the lifting device directly on the ground.